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Rick Perry's Chief Counsel in Willingham Case Faced Own Arson Indictment

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Take a look at this photo. It's not begging for a caption. That smirk on a face non-Texans might not recognize belongs to David Medina. The one y'all might have seen before, over to the right, is Governor Rick "Goodhair" Perry. Back in 2004, when Perry refused despite receiving expert reports and evidence that Cameron Todd Willingham's conviction for arson didn't withstand a second look, never mind real legal scrutiny, Medina was General Counsel for the Governor's Office. It's entirely possible Medina and Perry sent an innocent man to death in Huntsville. A few years later Medina's house burned, and both he and his wife were indicted for arson; at trial they benefitted from the same kind of experts whose work Perry didn't consider when Willingham's life was at stake.

Great coverage of this continues at Northstar's place, at Dog Canyon, and at Burnt Orange Report.

I don't know

whether Kay Bailey Hutchison's really even gonna run a campaign in Texas for the governor's chair. I don't much care any more, because the only thing worse than a Democrat trying to out-Rethug a Republican is a Republican trying to out-crazy another one (witness Rick Perry's increasingly nonsensical political moves as the primary approaches).

What I want is for Texas to elect a Democrat. If I had my druthers it'd be Hank Gilbert.

Should Perry and Hutchison manage to permanently sabotage each other's political futures on a state or even national level, that'd be ... gravy.

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