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Rick Perry takedown

Check the stats. I mean, high unemployment, rotten medical care, lots of poverty -- What kind of President would tolerate that? Oh, wait....


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The progressive sector is already rallying the Obama vote by pounding out the unsurprising message that Perry is a shill and errand boy for corporate America, Amazing! Imagine that a conservative Texas Republican would end up in that corner, arm in arm with Barack Obama, messenger of hope and change, also shill and errand boy for corporate America, starting with the nuclear industry, the arms sector, the ag/pesticide complex and moving on through Wall Street and the Fed, and equipped with truly noxious beliefs about fiscal discipline, the merits of compromise. He’s a far more dangerous man to have in the Oval Office than Perry. We need a polarizer to awake the left from its unending, unbreakable infatuation with our current president, despite all the horrors he has perpetrated and presided over, mostly significantly the impending onslaught on Social Security and Medicare.