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Rick Noriega's Response to "Big Bad John"

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John Cornyn's self-aggrandizing commercial, set to a bowdlerized version of a Jimmy Dean classic ballad from the 1960s, has become the comedy hit of the season. Rick Noriega, who's running against Cornyn this fall, has created a reply:

I kinda like it.

I think I want Noreiga to do a commercial too -- after all, he's a serving Lt. Col. in the Texas National Guard. (Yeah, he's been to the Middle East; yeah, he's been deployed more than once.)

More importantly, in this riposte, Noriega exposes Cornyn's falsehoods without "going negative." There's a sense of ... humor? playfulness? ... something almost lighthearted about this ad.

More like this, please. And, more to the point, MORE like this: Dems taking on GOP politicos on their performance, with the facts.

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The audience was literally convulsed while the Daily Show showed it. One of Stewart's better comments, aimed at the suede cowboy jacket, complete with copious fringe, Big John was wearing while he rode his horse in a parade, was to suggest that he must have bought it in the "Boy's" department, no doubt of Neiman-Marcus.

Keep keeping us apprised of what's going on down there.