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Honestly, I can't remember having read a worse column, and from Rich, that's saying something. Every sentence is at best wrong, and at worst an outright lie. Here's a mild example:

It wasn’t until the Joseph Wilson-Valerie Plame saga caught fire in summer 2003, months after “Mission Accomplished,” that we began to confront the reality that we had gone to war in Iraq over imaginary W.M.D. Weapons inspectors and even some journalists (especially at Knight-Ridder newspapers) had been telling us exactly that for almost a year.

Whaddaya mean, "we"?

I mean, some of us -- the DFHs -- knew the WMDs thing was a lie before Colin Powell's famous speech, long before Rove blew Plame's cover.*

And don't you love the way that Knight-Ridder journalists aren't "we"?

Take the package, Frank! Take the package!

NOTE * "Caught fire"! What a euphemism! What lack of agency! How Village!

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