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Rhee on the way out?

Check out this picture of Gray and Rhee. Distance, much?

Of course, the "creative class" FAIL as Fenty went down in flames doesn't mean that somebody better than Rhee might get the nod; but somebody different might.

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I LIKE this. Looks like there may be hope (the real thing, not the campaign slogan) left for the Democratic Party.

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... but that doesn't necessarily mean that things will be better with Gray. I mean, if Gray hired an Arne Duncan lackey, would that be better than Rhee?

Nevertheless, in my mind, Obama == Fenty, and so yes, this is good.

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here's a snippet-

~~For four years, Mayor Fenty's chosen chancellor of DC schools Michelle Rhee added almost daily insult to DC's history of injured democracy. A darling of the right wing and a champion of corporate school reform by any means available, Rhee enthusiastically undermined public education in favor of private and charter schools, and the class of consultants created by No Child Left Behind. Rhee summarily fired hundreds of experienced teachers, most of them black and female, refusing to explain why. She answered criticism of her policies with torrents of abuse. All this made her stunningly popular in boardrooms, in the wealthiest parts of the District, in the Washington Post, CNN and throughout the national media. But she was widely loathed by DC parents, teachers and residents. Rhee campaigned hard for Fenty, and appeared stunned by his loss.~~

I say, go read the whole thing. All of it is quoteable.