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Return of the Killer Ice Cream Man

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I wrote about this case a while back. Looks like it's still a complete mess. Remember, there are real terrorists out there, and they're laughing at DHS and the FBI, who waste their time with old men in ice cream trucks while the professionals go unnoticed:

Speaking publicly for the first time, Umer Hayat said outside the courthouse that he "got screwed" and "hates terrorists." He said he had fabricated his own videotaped FBI confession -- in which he described visiting a militant camp in Pakistan where his son had allegedly trained -- because agents refused to believe the truth and because he was tired.

He said he had borrowed his description of masked terrorists firing guns, swinging swords and pole vaulting in a basement from "the newspaper and the TV," as well as from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game belonging to his children. He said his ice cream truck bears a photo of one of the turtles, advertising a $1.25 ice cream bar.

"I make a story, that's all," Hayat said.

Scott, the U.S. attorney, said he would "take anything Umer Hayat says with a grain of salt. He seems capable of saying whatever needs to be said at any particular time, whether it's the truth or not."

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