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Restoring Constitutional government and shoving the Overton Window left


Via Friday is Bra Day, Pacific Views gets it exactly right:

Upholding the Constitution is a partisan left position in American politics now. Utterly disregarding it is the partisan right position. Deciding that utter disregard for it needs to be smoothed over by special legal dispensation, so we don't have to settle the question distastefully in court, is centrist.

I literally cannot believe we are having this conversation.


One way to look at Steny "I can't pass a single purity test" Hoyer's speech is that he thinks that shoving the Overton Window left of Constitutional governance is good politics. That's really good news. In fact, it's the best news. When a professional politician takes a view I agree with, I'd far rather that he does so because he thinks he's going to be a winner if he does, rather than that he's decided to take a lonely, losing stand on principle.

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