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Required Reading for Anyone Who Thinks Obama is the Lesser Evil

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A simple kill list apparently wasn't enough for this administration. Welcome to v. 2.0, aka the "disposition matrix," a bland term for the creation of a permanent policy for annihilating even more people the president doesn't like, as Glenn Greenwald explains.

It's a longish piece, but don't miss the updates at the bottom. One has an especially heinous quote from Robert Gibbs, and in the second, we learn the military's term for drone victims, which will most likely make your skin crawl.

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

All I can think of is IBM working with the Nazis for statistical accuracy in mass oppression and incarceration and, you said it, annihilation.

And the Orwellian language of the technological age is chilling.

Obama = American Judas and all those faux-progressive apostle apologists (and then the anti-empathetic holier than thou ones on the right) don't know what they are doing to humanity!

best, libby