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Republicans to uninsured: Drop dead

More cause for optimism as Bush sets a new record:

The number of Americans without health insurance probably rose to a record in 2005 as medical costs increased three times as fast as wages, according to forecasts for a Census Bureau report today.

The total has climbed every year since President George W. Bush took office.

Nice work, George.

Emory University Professor Ken Thorpe in Atlanta says Bush has done little to help these people.

``We've had absolutely no federal effort or interest in insuring the uninsured since 2000,'' said Thorpe, who was deputy assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Health and Human Services from 1993 to 1995. ``This has not been a priority of the Bush administration.''

Of course, they did pass the Bankruptcy bill, so when the uninsured do get sick, they'll be debt slaves for the rest of their lives.

But then, every cloud has a silver lining, doesn't it?

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