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Republicans for Single Payer Health Care

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There is a Republicans for Single Payer group. Please forward the link to your Republican friends. The idea will seem less threatening if it comes from a Republican voice.

There are many Republicans today who are out of work and just discovering the hard realities of the American Health Neglect System. I am not just talking about unemployed White House or Capitol Hill operatives, I mean rank and file Republicans all over the country. They are going to start bringing their health care nightmare's to their Senators, and with luck that will give us the opening we need.

We need one of the Republican senators to break ranks, we need a Republican sponsor for the Senate version of this. Once that happens the Single Payer is off the table talk will melt like summer snow.

If you have a Republican senator is it especially important that you contact them and ask them to sponsor a senate version of HR 676. If you live in a state with a Republican senator, it is especially important that you write a letter to the editor calling for Medicare for All.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

And I'll totally push this amongst the Repubs I know. I've been throwing out "saves $350 billion a year" several times in conversation, including a very heated one I had with my boss*.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to voice my displeasure with this. Until the Republicans in Congress can come up with an original idea not some retread from a 40 year old playbook, they need to STFU. And it's fucked up, that for the concept of Single Payer to accepted as Serious by the Village, it has to have the support of the very people responsible for a great deal of the struggles and sacrifices we are facing.

*No worries, this heated convo had no affect on my job security. We cool like dat. We just disagree over healthcare policy, and our only real diff is that I want it NOW NOW NOW, while she prefers a slower approach.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

be a good employee and be sure to preform
many bosses are good that way, they know how to judge on work related performance.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Her boss does. I don't always agree with his decisions, b/c he doesn't think long term, very NOW NOW NOW. He also wouldn't fire someone for political differences, but I'm smart enough not to pick that fight. :D

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... would seem the obvious candidates to break ranks.

1. Maine is turning blue and

2. Has big health care problems (poor and aging population) and

3. the state's attempt to providie universal coverage was sabotaged by the insurance companies, who (!!) were hired to run it, and is now up against the state budget crisis. (Too bad hospitals aren't banks, eh?)

Meanwhile, a big Maine Democratic political law form, the Beliveaus of Portland, played a big role in the inaugural. Hmm...

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