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Republicans cry wolf.

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The case of the Sept. 11 terrorist anniversary attack on Benghazi certainly demonstrates that the cautionary tale of the boy who cried wolf is as true as ever. Republicans have cried wolf so many times that no one will listen to them when they have an actual issue to talk about. And when they did whine about Benghazi, they couldn't resist exaggerating and injecting hyperbole to the point where the actual problems were completely lost. So it was easy for Secretary Clinton to gloss right over any actual accounting for the event or the aftermath. Senator McCain's comments were a serious but very softened list of the issues.

The elephant in the room was the politicization of the tragedy by the White House - the instant spread of a false story to avoid criticism. This fatuous and self-serving response deserved to be pilloried. The questioners on the House panel stated it as a problem in communication, inadequate information. But it's interesting that even the Romney campaign soft-pedaled it. No one would suggest deliberate disinformation (propaganda). Why not?

What this says to me is that if the government (and the political parties) were to have acknowledged this to be an anniversary terrorist attack, it really WOULD be frightening. This incident shows the amazing fine-tuning of fear in the populace. Be afraid - afraid enough to submit to intrusive searches, surveillance, and reduction in freedom of speech - but we can't have actual panic and demands for real security measures to be taken. Security theater is all we're going to get, even for the employees at the State Department.


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That's really good. With both legacy parties grabbing for control of the dial...

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1. VP Biden, during the luncheon speech (I think), saying the Obama wasn't a man ruled by fear...during a spectacle that demonstrated, above all, just how afraid we needed to be for his sake, through the tension of Whether He'd Get Out of the Limo, whether the security arrangements were thorough enough, and the stressing of Our Soldiers as being a constantly reinforced image of praise.

2. During the Commander In Chief’s Ball, the Army and SK officers speaking from "Camp Casey, Korea" constantly said "Korea", not "South Korea" when referring to their post -- a deliberate provocation of North Korea which, considering the war never ended, was reckless and arrogant. One may despise the NK regime, but do we even call Taiwan "China" anymore? Nope.

A transcript, as well....