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Republicans can't quite bring themselves to crapify the Post Office's Saturday service


Leading congressional Republicans strongly support U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe’s plan to save $2 billion a year by eliminating Saturday letter delivery. Yet on Wednesday, party members defied their leadership and joined Democrats to pass an amendment to the House appropriations bill that would keep letters, bills, and junk mail flowing six days a week. “Removing it now would have allowed the USPS to make life more difficult for these many small businesses and individuals,” said Tom Latham (R-Iowa), who co-sponsored the amendment with José Serrano (D-N.Y.) “Moving to a five-day mail delivery is not the answer.”


The vote undercut claims from postal worker unions and their allies, who frequently accuse Republicans of trying to use the U.S. Postal Service’s financial crisis as an excuse to gut the government mail operation. But it essentially dooms any further efforts this year to fix the USPS, which reported a $5 billion loss in 2013.

First, so fucking what about a $5 billion loss? Two administrations handed $14 trillion to the banksters in bailouts, so $5 billion is like petty cash. Second, the only reason the Post Office shows a loss is because Congress required that they fund their pension plan 75 years out, a unique requirement imposed only on them, and a clear recipe for endless "Shock Doctrine" style crises, with privatization (as always) the "solution."

So, whatever, and I'm glad that at least this year a strange bedfellows coalition fucked the leadership.

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I respectfully disagree on one point only. Given the proclivity for venture capitalists and the like to raid pension funds, I think the end game is to privatize USPS at bargain-basement prices, then raid the pension funds in their entirety.

Edited to add: The recent spat over the Export-Import bank is just another move to privatize those functions also.