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Republican strategery

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I agree with Atrios that Republican destructiveness has reached a new level of ghastliness.

My theory is that the Republicans were really frightened in January 2009 that Obama really would be FDR 2.0 and therefore decided to block all his efforts to make the country better on the theory that if things got worse they could get back in power. It helped that neither Obama nor the Senate Democrats had any intention of doing anything for ordinary people.

Now I think they have expanded upon their strategery. I think they actually want to make the US as ungovernable as possible so that they will win in 2012.

I don't think that this is a very good strategy. But it might work against the current Democratic party.

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But batshit crazy does seem to describe what these Repubs are doing.

Burnt earth strategy -- and we little people are closest to the ground in our current econ/social set up in this nation. Obama will do some of the slashing for the slash and burn; Repubs will then salt the earth.

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Conservatives have always been awful. They've always essentially supported policies that let the many starve so the few could be incredibly rich. It's just they used to not be able to go full out because the left and other parties (Democrats and in the early part of the 20th century, Progressives, Socialists, Communists) slowed them down by opposing them (mostly). Now, that brake is largely gone. It's a bipartisan conservative extravaganza (the local Ds in Wisconsin and Ohio notwithstanding). The result is conservatism with no reservations and no reason not to ask for everything they want, no matter how crazy. Because a lot of the time, they'll get it even without control of the White House or the national legislature. Look at the Bush tax cuts? Insane. Yet, just re-enacted with a D Senate and D President.

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that Obama would be FDR 2.0 is beyond me. I love FDR (Eleanor more, natch) and I hate Obama.