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Republican death cultists in Ohio

Frederick Clarkson looks at the Christianists in Ohio, who are mobilized for 2004 election fraudster Ken Blackwell, and unearths this fine example of Republican lunacy. Rod Parsley is the "pastor" of an Ohio megachurch:

[H]e frequently presents himself as a political centrist, [but] writes of Islam, "I do not believe that our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed."

Wow. It's gone a little bit farther than wanting to see these guys lose their IRS tax exemption, hasn't it?

These are the guys Condi was sending a coded message to with that bizarre "birth pangs" language; as Digby points out, "birth pangs" is End Times-style language.

UPDATE Some may object to calling Republicans Christianists, Christianists Republicans, or to calling both of them loons and death cultists. But by now, everybody knows the score. The Republican base is a Christianist death cult--last I checked, there were over a billion Muslims, and somehow I don't think "Pastor" Rod thinks he's gong to destroy their false religion by "preaching" on the teevee--and they are loons. The best that can be said for any other flavor of Republican is that they're in denial about who owns them.

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