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Republican date rape continues

Grover Norquist was right:

Republican Sen. Mike DeWine highlights bipartisanship in his latest campaign ad and challenges a Democrat who has voted no — rival Rep. Sherrod Brown record).

The 30-second ad features DeWine on a porch, talking about his bipartisan credentials. He mentions the pension overhaul bill,
President Bush's tax cuts and expanded federal powers for fighting terrorism.

"Incredibly, Congressman Brown voted 'no' each and every time," DeWine says, dropping his smile and taking a grave tone.

"Working together is the only way to solve our problems," the Ohio senator says in his latest ad.

See what happens when you vote with Republicans? You just give the Republicans cover when they want to attack other Democrats.

No, being Bipartisan is not the answer. The answer? Two words:

Subpoena power is the answer.

That's how to hold Republicans accountable.

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