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Report, #OccupySacramento: Launch

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Just about sums it all up.

This gentleman was in attendance at the first day of Occupy Sacramento where the issue of Corporate Personhood and what to do about it was perhaps the most extensively discussed of any. Well, except how often to march and where to go. There were two marches before I had to leave, and there may have been more after that. The first went to the Capitol, where there was a nice contrast between the several hundred to a thousand chanting and marching Occupiers circling the building and its park, accompanied -- or shall we say escorted -- by horse police (as well as bicycle and patrol officers) while state operatives, legislative staffers and police completely ignored the People.

It was a striking metaphor. In fact, when we passed a highway patrolman standing close to the sidewalk, he turned his back.

Meanwhile, the city police were fine, at least in the morning and early afternoon. We'd been warned to expect RoboCops in full riot gear, and to expect many of them. No such thing happened. Getting out the horse police is a serious matter, but they rode ahead of the marchers and blocked vehicle traffic so the march could pass by without too much delay.

I ran into the chair of the California Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus when returning to the Plaza. You may have heard of the tempest in the CDP over the ProgCauc's resolution of dissatisfaction with the course of events in Washington and suggesting the possibility of exploring a primary challenge to Mr. Obama.

She was preparing to go to San Francisco to urge the #OccupySanFrancisco people -- who had all their stuff seized by the SFPD last night -- to be very careful of attempts to hijack the movement by some of those big institutional donors who were going to give them the money to buy more stuff.

Donors like who? Just be careful.

I recorded some of what she had to say to a couple of union organizer/members but I haven't uploaded it yet. I'll probably post it at my blog tomorrow.

Word came late in the afternoon from the city that the Occupiers must disperse by 11:00pm. About a dozen had announced that they were planning to spend the night and continue the occupation for as long as necessary. There's a call out now for as many people as can do it to assemble at the Plaza at 11:00 to protect 1st Amendment rights.

And there is a call for those who can't spend the night to return every day, to contact the city manager, the mayor and the police chief to convince them to respect the People's rights to peaceably assemble and present grievances, and to persist as for as long as it takes.

This is going to go on a while yet. "We Will Not Be Moved" isn't just a song.

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