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Repeat after me, Scarecrow: "That's because Obama IS a conservative!"


For the umpteenth time, the Obama White House has made the foolish mistake of confusing efforts to “boost economic growth and spur job creation” with the need for near-term deficit reduction. Even his economic team tried to keep the two different time frames — short run vs long-run — separate. And for the umpteenth time, this President has repeated discredited Republican gibberish [whoa, triple redundancy] that when households are having to cut back spending during a recession, government should do the same thing.

It's not a bug. It's a feature.

Kudos to VastLeft for tirelessly hammering on this point. Sometimes the simplest truths of all are the hardest to see (exactly because Versailles, that tremendous edifice of bullshit and lies, expends so much effort concealing them).

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Obama's a Reaganite conservative.

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Scarecrow correctly identifies Obama's gibberish. He fails to note that Obama wholeheartedly believes it.

I also saw at fdl today a post by Jim Moss: We're not lefties.

It was very strange because the co-option of the left which it describes applies particularly well to fdl. At the same time it ignores that many of us have been slogging away, unco-opted for a long time now. It might be more useful that instead of lamenting the demise of the left, they joined it.

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the Left must be seen to repudiate Obama

I agree with that completely. The Left loses nothing if it repudiates President Obama; if it fails to do so, it loses a lot.