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Rep. George Miller: I favor a single payer system

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The Summit Breakouts: Health Care, and Everything on the Table

Rep. George Miller: "Thank you for starting this conversation as opposed to a demand or a debate."
He said he favors the single payer system.
There needs to be a strong focus on prevention, and improving the health status of Americans. Child obesity will soon become a problem for the adult population.
"We have turned every dial ... over the last 30 years, and it is only gotten more expensive and more difficult, and the health status of Americans has gotten worst. It is startling what children are bringing to school because of the lack of health education and access to care."

If you live in Miller's district, please thank him. Praise is so much more powerful then criticism.

Meanwhile Max Baucus is still bleating about a uniquely American solution, which seems to be code for denial of care.

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Tank, which is going through the Obama Stimulus Bill to evaluate what's there on healthcare.

So far four posts, plus one on Daschle's influence on the bill. Are you aware of this blog? What do you think of it?

The blogger is cross-posting at Angry Bear.

Printed in pieces from the Thomas site, I have 261 pages.

Vtcodger says in update: I take the main points -- and they are good ones -- to be:

1. Hardly anyone actually read the stimulus package.
2. We have somehow possibly restructured US Healthcare with no discussion or debate

This should prove interesting.

Finally, a question to you: You posted a letter to the Des Moines Register on 12/30/08 in which the writer said single payer could reduce health insurance costs about 80%, based on report written by Dean Baker. Do you have a link for that report? I can't find through googly tries. Much appreciated!