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Rep. Alan Grayson is ruining it for everybody else

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Don't you hate when a do-gooder new kid comes in and shows up everyone else at work?

We had this whole post-partisan mellow worked out — ran like clockwork through the 110th Congress — and this guy comes in and doesn't play ball:

Well, one of our fundamental constitutional responsibilities as Congress, is to make sure that the government's business is conducted properly. That's called oversight. And, I think the expenditure of $4000 for every man, woman and child in this country, is something deserving of some degree of congressional oversight.

If they won't tell us who got the money, and they won't tell us what they got in return for the money, then I think we might be in dereliction of our duties. We need to find out.

Can't someone mail him a rotting fish before he makes the people who whipped for the bailout look bad?

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issues and problems today. Rep Pete DeFazio and Kucinich are not very happy with what has been put into the newest bailout.

Leonard Lopate program on WNYC had NYTimes econ writer John Madrick on saying he fears Obama is going to be rolled by the Repubs on this TARP plan of his, that this is not a time for tax cuts, that only fiscal stimulus can work at this point and tax cuts will not do it. His new book, The Case for Big Government, argues that in the current financial crisis big government is the most effective way to regulate the economy. (Audio at link.)

C'mon, Obama--get a grip, listen to the people who were right on The Big Shit Pile and its causes, not the folks who enabled the pile up to get ever bigger.

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And after I chewed his ankle off and insulted him he gave us links. Very good sign.