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Remember whales

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~ Perhaps orcas and people share an additional trait: The ability to care for another species, including each other. In our complicated relationship with nature, it may be a bond unlike any other.

~ I think I've only just scratched the surface of these guys. Pretty much every time I go out I see something new or interesting and I just wish I knew so much more about them. Just the real basics like where do they go when I don't know where they are? What are they saying to each other? How do they teach the young ones how to catch things, and what happens to them when they're naughty, and just, you know, fun stuff like that as well, and then on the science side of things, how are they impacted by the pollution in the marine environment? What sort of things can we do to protect their habitat? If you teach people about these animals, they're going to understand them better, and if they understand them better they're going to love them more, and if they love them more, then – yeah, they're going to look after them. I hope.

~ People go, why do we need the whales? Why do we need the whales? And you know in truth, why do I need my earlobes? Why do I need any specific part of my body? Because it's part of the whole. And you can live without parts, but it's a degraded existence, because it's all knitted together.

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