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Remember, Clinton failed at his own Grand Bargain, and we have Monica Lewinsky to thank


There is precedent for this. President Bill Clinton long entertained ambitions to dramatically reform Social Security, but those plans were shelved amid the Lewinsky crisis. While there is some argument over whether the crisis was the cause, it did make him more reluctant to alienate Democratic supporters. As John Harris put it in his book about the Clinton presidency: “Come 1998, when Clinton needed every Democratic vote possible in order to survive the Republican attack over Monica Lewinsky, the work of challenging his own ground to a halt. He had no political latitude to push for the reform of the entitlement programs for the aged.”

Even better:

During crisis times, The White House eats a lot of pizza. And get this:

Experts like [Domino's owner Frank] Meeks like to remind people that much of the present turmoil in Washington can be traced to pizza. He recalls that Nov. 17, 1995, during the government shutdown, was "pizza night" for Monica L. Lewinsky and President Clinton, according to Lewinsky's daybook. Lewinsky, an unpaid intern, was working at the White House because other employees had been furloughed. Had they not shared that pizza, history may well have turned out very differently.

Yes, history might have. Clinton might have been able to gut Social Security! Bush tried, and of course because he was a Republican, the Democrats beat back his attempt. But now, the Democrats are in power, so of course Obama wants to do what Clinton could not do. Because kaching, and Fuck the elders (and those not yet old).

So, let the Republicans shut down the government again, say I. Because you never know what the happy outcome might be!

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