If you have "no place to go," come here!

Remember the air traffic controllers? One of those "ideas," I suppose....


The Obama administration is likely to extend more short-term aid to General Motors and Chrysler on Monday, but impose a strict deadline for bondholders and union workers to make concessions that would help the ailing automakers become viable businesses and avert bankruptcy.

And the unions should have to concede anything why, exactly? The contrast between what the unions are getting -- a kick in the ribs while they're down -- and what the banksters are getting couldn't be greater. From the same meeting VL linked to at cnbc:

When asked how long JP Morgan will keep the TARP money it received, Dimon said: "We have no immediate timetable as to when that money will be returned." He also said JP Morgan had no need to raise further equity right now.

Funny, somehow I think that if union guys and homeowners tell the banksters that they "have no immediate timetable" for making their mortgage payments, the reaction wouldn't be quite as cordial as it was in Obama's White House.

Hey, I've got an idea!

Why not make the auto companies competitive with Canada by passing single payer? Then you could leave the union guys alone, and fuck the banksters!

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