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Religious people are the Best People

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The LA Daily News brings us the facts: a four-year-long ICE investigation has nailed a pair of 60-plus California teachers, one a religious studies teacher at a religious school, for possession and trafficking in child pornography.

David Wakefield Hassler, a teacher at Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus, was arrested in November as part of Operation Predator, an ongoing probe by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of those who download child pornography on the Internet. If convicted of the single child pornography possession charge, he faces up to 10 years in federal prison. Hassler has been placed on administrative leave by Mayfield School officials.

On Nov. 28, federal and state law enforcement executed a search warrant at Hassler's South Pasadena home, where they found numerous printed images of alleged child pornography. A federal grand jury indicted him in December.

Kenneth Kothe, 61, a first grade teacher at Lynwood's Lincoln Elementary School, was arrested the same day as Hassler. On Dec. 24, he pleaded not guilty to a single count of possession of child pornography. His federal trial is scheduled for Feb. 12.

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