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Religious people are the best people

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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

From the beginning of Western thought, religion and morality have been closely intertwined.

Via No Blood for Hubris:

Jessica Banks, 65 was the pastor of a small church in Riverside County, California and adopted five girls about five years ago. She was convicted in July of 16 felonies for child abuse, and this week was sentenced to 36 years and 8 months in prison, along with two consecutive terms of 15 years to life.

Jessica Banks kept the girls locked in an unheated garage, and kicked and beat them daily with cords and sticks, high heeled shoes, extension cords and belts. The five girls were between 4-11 of age at the time, and were forced to wear two layers of diapers and long black dresses, according to authorities. Jessica Banks also fed the girls spoiled food and made them take sleeping pills, and sexually abused them with paint sticks
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