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Relieved to Leave the Atrocities of 2007 Behind

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Leaving 2007 with a sigh of relief, I am ready to see a few things forever in the past, never to return again. With my usual optimism, I think this has happened.

Any remaining vestiges of credibility for this administration have disappeared. No longer are we treated to those holdouts from the 2000 campaign, waiting for a return to compassion, to rational economic policy, to respect for the constitution, to law-abiding behavior and the Rule of Law. This may be the end of respectability for the entire GOP, and it has the gloss of rationality that in the past was allowed to rhetoric in support of the right. The lies have totally engulfed the entire right wing.

Greed/crass materialism has lost fortunes for those who followed it blindly, and protection of the public interest has become a goal once again for our economic engines. The losses at all levels that has resulted from de-regulation of financial corporations in the sub-prime debacle are mounting, and have hit hard at the monetary adventurers from homeowner to investment groups, and are not through shaking out the ill-advised investors.

Refusal of scientific truths has revealed how large a disservice unreality is to our world, and to the well-being of us all. Not recognizing global warming does not make it go away. Our world is shattering at the edges, and the damage is coming home to us all. Monster fires in the dried-out West are leaving no doubts among the firefighters, butterfly populations retreating in higher and higher locales to escape the heat, shrinking ice and polar life, among other factors, do not allow the zealots to ignore them any longer.

The fiction of threats to our ‘entitlement’ programs such as Social Security and Medicare won’t fly as even bombast in the fact of war costs mounting for America in the hands of the war criminals in power. The continuing vetoes directed against public interest have starkly revealed the neo-con supreme disdain for the public, and its complete blindness to uses of the public’s money to any ends but its own. War profiteering has been revealed for the industry that it has become, from inadequate weaponry and services for the troops in no-bid contracting, to the concentration of huge excess in private militias operating in luxury while our troops battle in the open to make the world safe for privateering. Health care for those wounded in our wars has also been shown to be another area the profiteers have cut back deeply to fill their own pockets.

Disregard of constitutional government has been embraced by the right wing, revealing its complete lawlessness in destroying the rights of the ‘accused’ who have yet even to be charged in our country’s shameful lawless prison at Guantanamo, withwinger assertions that torture is acceptable behavior for them if they just pass on fears large enough to desensitize a credulous public. Vaunting the Rule of Law has forever tainted the right wing, by their short-sighted and counterproductive behavior.

These are a few of the major turning points we have passed this year. That will be, I think, a historic collection that we have gained from. At the present time, it’s pretty depressing to realize so much control has been taken from our country by sheerly criminal elements. Too much attention has been forced on our public, though, for it ever to acquiesce to such crimes. As its protective coloring has been stripped away, the right wing has shown itself ever more as rotten and festering.

Your observations are appreciated, and if you feel I have failed to highlight a really great event in turning out the wingers who have too long destroyed the most valuable benefits of this country, please chime in in comments. Also, any means you have found that is successful in overthrowing the criminals are solicited.

I am working early in the campaigns for progressives that I am in the right area to help. I am a volunteer again to put Dr. Glenn Melançon into a seat in the House of Representatives that will begin to work for humane and intelligent congressional action. For the Senate, candidates are still coming forward so I am going to make that decision later. In the presidential race, I am inclined to support John Edwards, but haven’t made the choice finally yet.

As many of you, it's been a pretty traumatic year for me and I leave all the horrors behind with no regret, only wish all a great year to come, all good things.

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