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I am relieved that the election is over. And I am glad that Obama has won. I think that Romney would have succeeded in being worse.

White supremacy is done. No more can you win national elections by scaring whitey. Now scaring whitey just makes you into an embarrassment. Also extremist anti-abortion nonsense has been shown the door. It is now obvious that such sentiment will get you excluded from polite society. And immigrant bashing has been shown a loser.

It is very pleasant to spend time in right wing blogsophere and see the attacks on the conservative entertainment complex. Limbaugh and Fox are big losers in this. Roger Ailes will no longer be permitted to play kingmaker, and that can only be a good thing.

Unlike some I have been pleased with the speed of which lefty blogosphere has turned to the business of defending social security and exposing the grand betrayal.

Now we can turn our attention to the real struggle, undistracted by electoral matters.

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more effectively.

Now, getting Dems to stand up to Obama on SS/Medicare? Suggestions as to how to do that?

The Trumka and Rubin quotes don't make me feel very confident it can be done. Inside the Beltway, they don't hear us very well. And, for those now in office for another term, they figure we'll forget and just my mouthing a few Democratic Party principles next election, we'll think they still the lesser evil.

Somehow I don't that people will forget or forgive Obama screwing us over with Dems following him...especially about SS/Medicare.

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Avedon linked to an interesting analysis suggesting that Romney’s loss, at least, was more due to less-well-off whites staying home this election than a surge in voting among Latinos and African-Americans in 2012: The Case of the Missing White Voters. Seems like the great claim to fame of the current underbussen is that they've been thrown there by both legacy parties.

I was happy that some of the worst elements of the elections got pushed out, but am not nearly as sanguine as those shaping the narrative of some sort of permanent sea-change in which fear and anti-women, anti-immigrant elements have been soundly defeated. I really don't think that's the case. For one thing, I've seen waaaay too much self-congratulation oozing around the internets. Yes, some of the very worst, most extreme rhetoric will probably be retired by the Republicans. But it seems as if most of the celebration* is just an extension of strategic hate management, not any sort of repudiation of it.

No one seems to be asking the question, well why DID nearly half the country vote for Romney? Except to cast those who did as indistinguishable from the "rape guys". I talked to a lot of people who voted for Romney -- none were very enthusiastic, and their concerns seemed to boil down to something along the lines of he couldn't do worse on the economy than Obama, and he might do better.

I didn't vote for either Romney or Obama, although I'm in the camp that thought Romney would be better because he would have gotten pushback instead of a red carpet for his destructive policies. I hardly discussed that with anyone, though, since in the end of the end, it's just not knowable.

The one thing I was quite encouraged by is also the same thing I'm profoundly discouraged by. Of those who voted for Obama who thought he actually had been fighting the good fight the last four years, and think he will fight the good fight in the next four -- well, at least they voted for the good fight. That's encouraging. But I really despair of anything or anyone piercing the fantasy-world sufficiently to direct that energy away from facilitating Obama's destruction of the few social support systems we have left.

* None of this is directed at you, BD. Your post just happened to prompt me to try to articulate why I'm so bummin' after this election.

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Whatever sort of disaster unfolds over the next 4 years might profoundly wake a lot of people up.

A promising sign is that within the Atheism Plus movement (a hybrid of New Atheism and Social Justice) nobody disagrees with "us", at least not openly. The people who don't get it yet are receptive to learning new things, too. There is a consensus there that neoliberalism is fucked. If that can spread to the JREF forum, we'll have a significant % of the Smart People on the Internet on our side real quick.
These are the "unblogged masses", too.

I have no idea how to communicate with people who don't think critically, though.

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forget or forgive Obama, the Dems and the Republicans for sc**wing us over on Social Security and Medicare, IF they realize it.

That's my greatest fear. I'm beginning to believe that this Administration will pull this off.

And The Ed Show video that I just posted, made me feel that way, all the more.

We're got to find a way to amplify our voices enough to reach the masses. But I don't think that it will happen, especially by December 31.

But, in the end, we absolutely can't stop trying, can we?