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Reid to act against the Constitution, against Dodd, and for the telcos getting retroactive immunity?

Oh, Harry. This is really bad. As FDL points out. Say it's not so!

Maybe we need to start calling Reid's office, instead of Rockefeller's?

UPDATE I called Reid's office (202-224-3542), and had more or less the following conversation:

LAMBERT: Is it true that Senator Reid is going to bring the FISA reform bill that gives the telecommunications companies retroactive immunity to the floor despite the hold Senator Dodd has placed on it?

STAFFER: Senator Reid plans to bring the bill to the floor, yes.

LAMBERT: Despite the hold?

STAFFER: Senator Dodd has not yet actually placed the hold. I'll put you down as opposed.

LAMBERT: Let me just say--I've supported Senator Reid for a long time, because I remember how he deked the Republicans but good and saved Social Security. But this bill is unconscionable. And just a heads-up: This is not the Senator Reid I know. Now, you're probably too young to remember, but under Nixon, Watergate was all about blackmailing political opponents. And some are speculating that Reid is being blackmailed using information from this program, and that's why he's changed from the Reid we know. If that idea took root, I think it would be very bad.

STAFFER: Thank you.


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quite contrary
Where did your backbone go?
To telco bells and right wing cells
with immunity bills all in tow.

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hahahahahahhahahhahhahaha. oh, it is to laugh. seriously. i mean, the only reaction to something like this that doesn't involve horror or depression is laughter. so i'll pick that one.

this one's going to be hard to top, harry. i can't wait for your next one. cause i know you'll deliver.

i wonder- pics with a sheep or a live boy? or a phone call to a diaper-hooker? or does he just agree? i think it's the latter; the telco $ and promise of dems having all this monarchial power is probably enough for goold ol harry and his gang.

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I am going to email and telephone our grand leader, Mr. Reid and let him know how pissed off I am about his collusion with the Repulsives!!!!!!

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Reid is owned by the Vegas casinos, who are owned by organized criminals with a big stake in the Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton monopoly of the Security Industrial Complex.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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Because Las Vegas was already totally wired, before Bush wired the country.

Very astute.

Dead woman? Live boy? Goat?

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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I've thought for the last year that blackmail was the logical reason
for the Administration's WHOLESALE wiretap game. THAT way they
don't look like they're getting SPECIFIC warrants for Reid, Durbin,
Spector, et al's phone/email. Spector's unpredictable behavior the last
year or so of his Chairmanship of judiciary can be explained that
way as well . And to anyone who views this blackmai concept as
squirrelly conspiracy theory, maybe you haven't noticed (a) they've
already shown that they're capable of far worse ethical lapses by the
reality of their war lies, (b) it makes good political sense for them in the
legislative process as well as maybe silencing some who know too
much, (c) historical precedent - worked like a charm for Hoover,
and (d) we know that the ACTUAL antiterrorism issue was way on the
back burner fro them when they apparently asked for this capability
a month into Bush's 1st term. I hope this can ultimately be ferretted
out and proven, cause it explains a lot, scary though it is...

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Harry, joo got some splainin to do..........