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Reflections on tragedy

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I just read that three students from the University California at Berkeley were among the injured in the terror attack yesterday. One UC student is still missing. Students from around the world convened in Nice for a three-week seminar on how to rise to the top as high-tech entrepreneurs. The video below capture some of the intensity that is present in this conclave of today's best and brightest. Yet, is the world they envision really going to be a better place? And for whom?

Neoliberalism's goal is the formation of a supranational corporate totalitarian* system, with an espoused "intense faith in the spontaneous responses of the market" to better the lot of wage slaves who are expressly excluded from any linkage of their needs/labors to the fruit of their labors or to the commons^ which have increasingly fallen into private hands. Neoliberalism's evangelists extol entrepreneurship as the only vehicle for individuals to participate in this grand vision of the world.

*In inverted totalitarianism, every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited While it is a system that aspires to totality, it is driven by an ideology of the cost-effective rather than of a “master race” (Herrenvolk), by the material rather than the “ideal.” -Sheldon Wolin

^The term "commons" derives from the traditional English legal term for common land, which are also known as "commons", and was popularised in the modern sense as a shared resource term by the ecologist Garrett Hardin in an influential 1968 article called The Tragedy of the Commons

Watch the video and tell me what you think:

EIA sessions in July 2016, Nice, France & Turin, Italy

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