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Redistribution upward is always a good thing!

God bless the higher-income child:

Higher-income students get more public money for their education
Tuition tax credits and other tax breaks to offset the cost of higher education - nearly invisible federal government subsidies for families that send their kids to college - also disproportionally benefit more affluent Americans.

So do tax-deductible savings plans and the federal work-study program, which gives taxpayer dollars to students who take campus jobs to help pay for their expenses.

The tax credits alone cost the government a combined $34 billion a year, or $1 billion more than is spent on Pell Grants, the direct government grants for low-income students.

And even though only one-fifth of American households earn more than $100,000 per year, that group got more than half of the deductions for tuition, fees and exemptions for dependent students, according to the Tax Policy Center, an independent research group run jointly by the centrist, and sometimes center-left Brookings Institution and Urban Institute.

Who's got his own... Who's got his own.

Why, this would be completely shocking if it weren't all of a piece with everything else.

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Could be wrong, but believe from all the radio shows I've heard on this topic, that this is simply "propaganda," laying the groundwork to eliminate some of the best Educational Tax Credits.

I hope to post a short blurb and audio on this topic later!

Thanks for bringing up this issue.

This is both a worthy and disturbing topic!