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Redesign and upgrade wrap-up

Here are the new site features (though there are so many that I may forget some):

1. Complete redesign. A generous and anonymous usability expert contributed the redesign. The main features are: 1.) The quick links box at the top, so the links that posters use most often aren't buried in a menu; 2.) Horizontal menus, with a site-wide menu at the top, and a personalized menu under it; 3.) A three column layout with space for ads. I like it a lot, and I'm very grateful to the anonymous designer.

2. Autosave: If you're posting (although not, alas, if you're commenting) you'll see a blue bar at the bottom of the screen that says "This form was autosaved on...." (if you've got JavaScript enabled, at least*). The view link on the blue bar should let you see the last version of the post that was autosaved. That means that if you accidentally navigate away from the page, you can get back your post. And if you accidentally close the tab or window you were writing your post on, opening the post form again will let you View what you last entered.)

3. Various restoration of function Polls now work again; search now works again -- and as a bonus, you can subscribe to a search as an RSS feed!

4. Events and calendars. There is a new content type: Event, for, well, events at a place and time. Fill in the start and end dates, and the event will also appear on the site Calendar. I hope this feature will prove useful to activists, especially health care activists but heck, if you're going to post on the Metropolitan Opera's performance this coming Saturday, then have at it!

5. Better navigation (it is to be hoped). The All blogs and all comments (and my blogs and my comments) menu items make navigating to new and old posts easier. Though these functions were available in the earlier version, they were buried. Now they are easier to see. And the new Views module should enable us to continue to roll out more sophisticated ways to navigate the site.

6. Better administration. Under the hood, there are a great many improvements that make the blog easier to manage.

Lastly, there are three features that I hope will become PB2.0 friendly.

First, the calendar function, mentioned above. These provide a way for people to take action at a given time (based on posted material).

Second, the groups function allows people to form groups -- like birds of a feather sessions, or SIGs -- and post to them, whether publicly or privately, and to track posts by group. So there could be a knitters group. Or a winemakers group. Or an AETNA group. Start by creating a "Group Node".... And take it from there, or ask me ;-) (Functionally, a group is a bit like a forum,

Third, I hope to shortly roll out some tools that will enable users to link the "product" content type directly to their PayPal account -- in other words, to sell stuff. (And give a PB2.0 microlending program a cut).

Oh, and I'm going to try the chat module again. Maybe the problems were caused by all work I was doing under the hood with caching.

NOTE * If no blue bar appears at all, ever, make sure your pop-up blocker allows this site.

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Submitted by jawbone on

about Bernanke--with fascinating little vignette about only watching out for inflation and ignoring bubbles.

I posted a comment, but then was informed I had to right to see that page--or close to that.

Now I can't find the post.

From Lambert, I think....

Submitted by lambert on

I just realized the headiine would be better elsewhere and moved it here. Be sure to play the YouTube. Even if it does date me, having known it by heart...

Submitted by jawbone on

the corrrect post, but was not deposited at the new comment. No big problem when there are not too many comments, but for the post the comments run to 3 pages--and it's hard to find the comment clicked on.

Is this correctable? I noticed it earlier, thought it might be a bug or my mistake in some way.

Anyway, just curious.

Submitted by jawbone on

a reply comment box for my own comment. Which might come in handy sometimes.

But I was hoping it would show any actual replies to my comment (I"d asked about a link for something interesting). Plus, knowing if there are replies makes a conversation easier.

Again, not a big whoop for limited number of comments.

Can the Reply column indicate actual replies? Perhaps indicate how many? No big rush, but thanks for you time on this whole redo.

(On the whole, very nice changes, btw)

Submitted by lambert on

I was doing a little tinkering to find out where the PayPal buttons went....