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Red State purges Ron Paul supporters as Conservatives start eating their own


Just too precious. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of sociopathic authoritarian followers.

Their sin? Ron Paul (R-Libtard) is a liberal. Of course, as Greenwald and Digby have pointed out, when Conservatives want to purge one of their own from the Movement, they call him a liberal; it's all part of the ritual humiliation. (Ideologically, this is necessary because "Conservatism can never fail; it can only be failed.")

That's what happened to Nixon, that's what happened to Bush pere, and that's what's going to happen to Bush fils. All of them were called "liberals" before NoPod, or whoever, stripped them of their epaulets, broke their swords over his knee, and read them out of the regiment, casting them out into the wilderness, where they stumbled blindly, forever condemned to raking in millions on speaking fees and book deals.

But, as you can see, generally only Conservatives who have achieved real power get purged this way, which Ron Paul hasn't done. So I guess you could call this move by Red State a sort of "pre-purge."

Comedy gold.

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"Pre-emptive" is the new black with the GOP.

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