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The First Thing Obama Needs to do is . . . Release the Sparkle Ponies!

Like some yoga exercises that look ridiculous but make you feel better, the little game of "The First Thing Obama Needs to do" seems to serve some purpose for some people, but what could it be?

This was an off the cuff comment I tried to submit at Firedoglake, but they censored it, so I developed it a little bit more and have made it a diary, both here and over at the Seminal

Is it the kind of idle fantasizing people do after buying a lottery ticket . . . "the First Thing I would do with $78 million is..." Read more about The First Thing Obama Needs to do is . . . Release the Sparkle Ponies!

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Break the last arrows in their quiver

What will Democrats run on in 2010 and 2012? They can't credibly run on their record, so they will have to run on how eeeevil and scaaaary the Republicans are.

Coincidentally, a favorite subject of (D) captured 'progressive' sites like FDL, where Blue Texan went with "New Harris Poll Finds Nearly One Fourth of Republicans Believe Obama May Be the Antichrist" Read more about Break the last arrows in their quiver

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Don't blame Obama, blame President Emmanuel


[I won't quote a private email discussion, but I'll summarize it by saying that the poster made a suicide request by stating that "any stick to beat a dog"-style argumentation is justified. That's a rule 5 violation, for which the penalty is banning. -- lambert]

* * *

A new fall guy is emerging from the health care reform ruins. Circus progressives, better know as pseudo progressives, such as BTD at Talk Left and Digby have started to blame president Emmanuel for caving in to industry without Republican buy in or aiding, the enemy, Snowe in her attempts to water down reform.

Don't remember voting for Emmanuel for president, consult your physician it may indicate for early Alzheimer. Read more about Don't blame Obama, blame President Emmanuel

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What's the matter with Josh Marshall?


In the ongoing saga of WKJM, today's edition tries to answer the question, why did Hillary win Ohio and does it have anything to do with why she'll win Indiana and Kentucky? Not one to bury the lede, let me say that WKJM's answer is that there are a whole bunch of racists in those states. Read more about What's the matter with Josh Marshall?

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America declared Misogynistic

Elton John says so!][IMG]http://www.mi...
on another note
Caroline Kennedy to lead "women from Obama rally", she is going to be handing out the cutesy Obama buttons "Hot Chicks dig Obama"

I'll keep my own free stickers thanks

Oh I'll take a few dozen one for all my friends. Read more about America declared Misogynistic

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Jus Checkkin

Wow, I better watch my fingers when I post here. I make a one letter typo and I get my face ripped off. I really shouldn't have posted here to begin with, but I have a very close friend who is a poster here and I do get a kick out of reading his & others posts. I saw that QOTD and got annoyed. Hey, I'm not like that. Anyway, sorry about being a dumb ass.

Oh wait, here's another reason I'm a dumb ass. What's the food box for? It seems incomplete somehow. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bitching. I just don't know how to use it. Enlighten me. Read more about Jus Checkkin

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The race is on and it looks like heartaches

Mom keeps me posted on the rantings of certain members of the family, you know, the "special" ones. She sent me this one tonight:

Cute. It's a game called "Border Patrol." You get to blast what are meant to represent illegals coming over the border. Reminds me of that wonderful Christian game making the news recently. You know, the one where you get to:

join the Christians and kill nonbelievers, or join the demonic forces and smite Christians, in "Left Behind: Eternal Forces," a video game due this fall as part of the wildly popular "Left Behind" franchise.

"Eternal Forces" is the latest effort by Tyndale House Publishers to profit from the "Left Behind" novels, a fictional series about the apocalypse that its authors claim has won converts to Christianity.

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