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Reality therapy on the Warren appointment

Via Yves. Read it all, since it's got great detail.

Needless to say, all the skeptics on Warren would love to be proved wrong, and I suppose there's an 11-dimensional chess aspect to the whole thing where Warren might run for elective office, but ya know what? I'd settle for effective regulation starting now, instead of vague scenarios from "savvy" "creative class" weasels* that might come true tomorrow. Na ga happen.

NOTE * I just love Booman's headline "Warren Settles in at White House." What's the evidence for Warren settling in? A blog post! "Check the website!" They never learn, do they? I'd sooner eat ground glass than check the White House website; the look is so tired, so 2008, and the airbrushed shadows don't look snazzy and new and Web 2.0-ish anymore; they look like a central metaphor for an administration where literally everything is airbrushed and the shadows are where the only important work gets done.

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