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Real care vs. phantom care

Words cannot express the relief I feel at not having to read yet another access blogger's "progressive" screed on Senate process. Now, about the sausage?

First, phantom reform does give you choice, but it is the choice between many HMOs and other private, for-profit insurance plans. Real reform would give patients the choice they actually want, which is to choose their doctors and hospitals. Americans don’t want a choice of insurance company bureaucrats; they want a choice of health care providers.

Second, phantom reform does give you insurance coverage, but with deductibles and co-pays, as well as exclusions for various services. Real reform would provide coverage with no out-of-pocket costs; i.e., comprehensive care for all medically necessary services, as decided by you and your doctor, not a faceless bureaucrat in an insurance company intent on maximizing its profits.

Third, phantom reform provides illusory security. Sure, you get an insurance policy, but if you can’t work or pay, you lose your insurance. Real reform would provide security for everyone, for as long as they needed care, just as Medicare does now for those over 65.

Fourth, phantom reform saves money by providing less care. “Medical loss” is the term insurance companies use for the dollars they pay out to health care providers and hospitals for their services, at times resorting to criminal means to hold on to the money patients have paid for insurance to cover the health care services they need . Real reform would save $400 billion per year by eliminating private, for profit health insurance, if the government were the non-profit single payer of the health care funds.

Real reform is a single-payer national health insurance program that would be comprehensive, universal, and cost-effective. Phantom reform is what Congress is now hotly debating, and the public option is a red herring in the pursuit of real reform.

Yes, it really is shit. That we're getting PR spam from managed care companies shows exactly who the winners are here, and it ain't us.

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The "pie fight" was about much more than Hillary v Obama to me. The acceptance and "normalizing" of the stolen elections/rigged process was the biggest issue to me. Without the democratic process, we have nothing to create change. Shame so many progressives were willing to sacrifice that.

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"If we don't support this bill, we're going to damage Democrats."

The Obama/Democratic party attitude on the "Insurance Subsidy Bill" reminds me of the famous cold war speech:

"Ask not what the Party can do to serve the needs of the people, ask rather how the people can serve the needs of the party."

Boy...that Stalin dude sure had some real's good to see Obama/Democratic party taking up the fallen flag of party purity from the Republicans.

Obama is Bush's third term.