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The real cancer

Watch the purple lesions (10% unemployment and over) spread:

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

no, really. a party. like i used to have in my diva days, with wrestlers and costumes and armbands and Cabaret Dancers and sparkle dresses....

oh, sorry. what i mean to say is: i'd like to introduce a group of disparate people in a conversational environment on this topic. one economist, one union organizer, one 55+ not retired unemployed white male from not-Village and not-Coastal America, one young tranny, one xtian, and a scientist.

meh, i'm just being silly. yes, we're Doomed. this isn't a new graph, and it hasn't (and won't) change directions anytime soon. you too, Middle Class America, will be affected, and in employment terms even! "official" UI measures are these days about half of what we call here "reality," if not less.

in schoolbooks they write, "the Great Depression at its worst meant one in four working men couldn't find a job," because if they'd written the truth (fill in your own version here) latter day amurkins would've realized just how far down close to the 3rd world our finance/econ masters are willing to go, and have gone, before they relent to avoid revolution. bark bread, purselane and dandelion Thanksgiving "tables," OWT's "health care solutions" of pansy and syrup of poppies in place of antibiotics and motrin, etc. these are supposed to come before, but only shortly, the dreaded "R" word. which i think may be more than 2 gens out for "amurka," if we don't sell it all off to foreigners first and reconstitute as the new global resource colony. as in, "imperialism," but on the other end of that. for a change.

Submitted by lambert on

I don't think we're "doomed." I don't identify the collapse of our ruling elite with being doomed. There's a reason the elite don't want us to work, after all: They don't like what we would do.

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There are many, many super competent, innovative and entrepreneurial folks who are unemployed and don't have family connections. I also find this same mindset to be prevalent in the proggosphere--they have to link circularly and mock the non-"professional" bloggers because folks might realize they aren't worth much. Elitism breeds mediocrity because it limits ideas and constrains the number of people who can contribute.