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Read Naked Capitalism today!

[UPDATE Yves will participate! -- lambert]

Read. Naked. Capitalism. Today, to prepare for BDBlue's discussion of Yves Smith's book, ECONed, tomorrow, Sunday, March 28 from 2-4 p.m. Just poke around and find something interesting -- that won't be hard -- and study up a bit.

Not to totally fall into gushing fan boi mode here, but Yves Smith is the proprietor of Naked Capitalism, which not only provides great insight from real subject matter experts into the ways our bankster class is running the country and the world, but is an old school blog, like blogs used to be: She provides great analytical tools, does great media critique, brings the snark, doesn't defer to anybody, and hasn't turned into a pathetic, cautious meme laundry for one faction or another of Versailles, like so many other high traffic bloggers have. In addition, NC's daily link list is always really, really great. And sometimes there are pictures of cute animals, occasionally even kittens.

So, we're lucky not only to have BDBlue lead the discussion, but Yves herself said she might drop by. Not bad for the blog that everybody hates and nobody reads!

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May be an obvious question, but how can we listen to this discussion of Yves Smith's Econned.