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Re-Post: Oh Little Town of Washington

Re-Post of 12-8-13:

Oh little town of Washington,
how still we see you lie.
The crap -- a cheap and mean-filled heap --
as silent drones destroy.

In your dark hearts harbored
the everlasting ploy
through hopes and fears to millions here
serious fleecing to provide.

Obama, born of Oprah,
we gathered all around
to push Bush out forever,
a sick, destructive clown.

Alas, our dream aborted.
The Cheney course remains.
Obama’s charm at doling harm.
He’s master of the game.

Our government’s been captured.
Democracy’s destroyed.
The common good, brother-, sister-hood.
In place, sociopathy’s void.

As winter’s chill envelopes
so the heartlessness of State.
Corporate-cronied, criminal enterprise,
a holy hell of hate.

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