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Rangel vs the Health Insurance Parasites

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Charlie Rangel is one of our health care heros. That’s right, the Chair of the powerful Ways and Means committee supports single payer. Think of what that means to our movement!

All of a sudden Whoever kidnapped Joshua Micah Marshall is floating pseudo scandals. Who is feeding his publication this drivel? We have no way of knowing, but I suspect it is the same anonymous sources who are attacking Pete Stark.

For decades special interests have played progressive activists like violins, spreading smears and corruption under color of reform. And progressives swallow it hook line and sinker. WKJM is trafficking in exactly the same sort of palace intrigue he pretends to abhor.

All of our health care heroes are going to be attacked before this is over. We need to be ready to defend them

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but I like to think informed speculation. any way this is a shot across to bow to let WKJM know what he can expect if he continues to slime health care heroes.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Not right-wing. At least not any more.

The left is broken and the right is as well. All we have is the Village. Everything, from elections and Senate appointments to wars and bailouts are handled the same way.

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everything the Village pushes is always pro-corporate and rightwing -- both parties and the media are all pushing rightwing things, and now being helped by rightwing -- and what used to be considered leftwing/liberal -- blogs too.