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Randroids in the People's Liberation Army

This is hilarious. Apparently, our weapons systems are full of "fake Chinese parts." (But let's go ahead and build nuclear drones anyhow. What could go wrong?) Here's the reaction to this story from China:

However, Song Xiaojun, a former Peoples' Liberation Army officer who has become a nationalistic commentator in the Chinese media said the US had "got itself into the position it is in".

"The US has been dismantling its factories since the 1960s," he said. "And since the Clinton government, the US has turned a blind eye towards military requisitioning. As it keeps cutting its procurement budget, weapons dealers will keep providing cheaper quality products," he added. "This attack on China is political, given the forthcoming elections. But it should not be blaming China, this is a free market issue. The only solution the US has is to buy its components from Korea or Japan instead, but then its costs will rise a hundredfold."

In an interview with the New York Times on Sunday, Leon Panetta, the US Defence secretary, acknowledged that he may have to cut new weapons purchases as he tries to trim $450 billion (£280 billion) off the defence budget over the next decade.

Selling the capitalists the rope that will hang them. Classic!

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Apparently, our weapons systems are full of "fake Chinese parts."

Whoocoudanode that it's not just their food that's loaded with plastic?