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Random tweets from yesterday's marches

My excitement was minimal for a few reasons: (1) The involvement of King Rat, Al Sharpton; (2) the all-too-evident desire of Sharpton's buddy in the White House, and Democrats generally, to drive the protest movement safely into a ditch; (3) skepticism of "marches" generally (see under Iraq); and (4) a general sense that the action is in the Midwest, in St. Louis, which is where the new and interesting work is being done, instead of on the coasts (San Francisco, New York, Washington DC). For example, if you think about two original tactics that surfaced this time, die-ins and freeway blockages, both of those originated from St Louis, and both scale continentally in a way that tactics developed for non-sprawl areas (like San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC) do not.

So here's a random selection of tweets. But first, Al Sharpton on his way home:

Neat image and graphics.

Smart and non-violent. Also disables the vehicle.

Of course, there's a "We are too!" thread after this tweet, but in general, the Ferguson marches and marchers were hard core.

Pretty cool. The Sunday dinner food trucks for the New York protests were funded by "Chrissy Teigen," whoever she is, and good for her.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Sharpton is the classic perpetrator of the confidence schemes known in the crim fraud biz as "affinity crimes" - preying on "his people" (in this case, blacks) to suck money out of them under the pretense that he will help them out (in that special way that only "one of us" could) and then lives high on the hog with their dough, delivering precious zero in return. Basically abusing the trust of one's "people" in order to finance living large.

This is a fairly typical blueprint in the pentecostal and evangelical "reverend" scene, I believe.

Submitted by cg.eye on

As long as a Reverend's allowed to drive a big car, wear fancier street clothes and have bigger houses than his flock, there will always be the taint of affinity criminal in his ministry.

Since such men no longer give spiritual solace -- so distant are they from practical spiritual counseling and the hard work of keeping a flock together -- then they needs must become actor-models of faith -- what it looks like to be one of the elect. And, more often than not, success looks like a peacock's plumage.

And we wonder why the Puritans were so successful -- the fundamentalist urge to fight ostentation, too, has been stripped away by modern media and commerce. We mock plainness, then wonder why our enemies adopt it (at least for the women they control) and gain converts to it.