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Random Petidote with African Violets

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Steve and the African Violets

This is Steve, who is 2 years and 2 months old now. He is hard to photograph due to him being black and blending in everywhere. Pictured with him are his "jungle" behind which he hides as he stalks squirrels from behind the patio sliding glass doors.

When I first got the violets he was terrified of them and would run off growling whenever they appeared mysteriously on his desk. He's really not the brightest light in the house, but he did eventually make friends with them. More after the fold.

Considering how long it took him to warm up to the violets I can't imagine what he'd actually do with a squirrel.

Steve stalks

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Submitted by jawbone on

"green-eyed lady, lovely lady" black cat. With her two round spots on the upper underbelly, and a white triangle a between her hind legs. Her "itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, white furry bikini."

She was my way too curious and too bold cat. Couldn't keep her inside, as she mastered opening the sliding screen door to the deck in record time. I feared for her as she would wander too far -- and then, one day, leaving the yard about 5:30-ish, I never saw her again.

The two older cats were glad to see the back of her, but I do miss her, still. I regret not taking lots of photos of her.

Yes, black cats are so difficult to photograph. Well done, Kathryn.

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Submitted by twig on

What a handsome guy!! Btw, I have the other bookend in this pair, my little Pepper. She looks exactly like Steve, except she only weighs about 7 pounds. Also unphotographable. Her favorite spot is on the black dog bed.

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Submitted by reslez on

I've heard that due to superstition, black cats are the last to be adopted. Mine was the last of her litter when I adopted her at 14 weeks. Cheers for our beautiful sable beauties.