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It's 6 AM and I couldn't sleep all night so Imma gonna ramble.

I'm really fascinated by the new movement to merge social justice with atheism/skepticism. The forum staff don't seem all that experienced in herding cats, though, but I have HOPE at least, that their good intentions will make up for that in the end. I'll be bummed if the movement dies.

I'm a little scared the PTB are scared to death of the feminists and the skeptics making friends again. But, I think the skeptics are smarter than the bad guys, ESPECIALLY the anti-bigotry skeptics. That's a nice filter to keep the poser-"skeptics" out. So we've got way more intellectual horsepower on our side.

In this class war, we need to get the scientists on our side ASAP. TPTB seem to admire the soviet model of tyranny, (but on meth) and he who controls the science controls the nukes, the social sciences, etc. *shiver*

Also, check this out:
(The source is incredibly strange. They appear to be operating in good faith but simply don't understand America that well. Also, paranoid. Also, Alex Jones connection. Also, has started hiding the fact that it''s actually published in a bunch of languages, like Russian. Well funded. I'm thinking foreign government. Russia? It's a bit like RT, and has been evolving in a similar way. So, here's your covert Kremlin propaganda for the day, perhaps?)

To make fact checking easier for yáll, the guardian article:

And the wiki on the company/Squid tentacle

The bare bones appear to check out.


I just got chased out of my primary internet home for outing myself as a member of the anti-Obama left. The war on women thing really was a clever trick. Oh, well. The whole ordeal left me vaguely traumatized but I'm sure I'll recover.

The end!


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the lefty blogs back in 2008, when people who had not "seen the light," had not had the "epiphany," were routinely driven off sites or attacked repeatedly if they stayed.

Strange that this is happening again, but winning may have raised the testosterone levels a bit....

BTW, when did Digby stop taking comments? Anyone know? Was she getting heat for her tepid support and actual criticisms of Obama?

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whatever company that was providing the comment software [i think it was js-kit, formerly haloscan, but i forget] was going to jack up the price they were charging, or cut service, or get bought out by another company, or something, on oct 1. digby was musing on what to do and has apparently chosen to just not have comments, at least for now. can't say i blame her.

this is also [at least partly] why avedon carol changed her blog, because she was using the same commenting software.

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My thought on Alex Jones-type CT sites is: Don't even read them. They are, at most, about internal consistency. But they are not about truth. And CT is highly, highly addictive. I've seen CT rot NC threads with endless invitations to "connect" and not a shred of evidence, until the commenters got weeded out, and I don't want to see it here. With plenty of accusations by the CTers that the moderators were out to get them, "part of it," etc. etc.

Shystee's post on "emergent conspiracy" is very important.

Multiple actors working together, with tight coordination even if not strict command and control, towards a common goal.

The goals are out there and/or can be inferred using standard analytical tools like discourse analysis. As always, the scandal is what's legal, and what's lying about in plaiin sight. We don't need CT for that.

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CT? NC? please, to explain.

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CT = Conspiracy Theory

NC = Naked Capitaism

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I've gathered all kinds of useful information over there. They just seem to not know that Jones is a quack. And someone at infowars doesn't understand LD.

Actually, scratch that. I just rechecked, and they've scrubbed their Jones link. They're also beginning to word things in a way that's friendlier to lefties and not AJ fans. Sort of like RT has figured out.

Their bias, fwiw, is either hatred of or fear of both wikileaks and OWS. Bizarre, as they get so much other stuff spot on. It's honestly my go-to source for geoplitics and geostrategy. They like Chomsky but with better evidence documentation.

I actually recommend reading now while the reading is good, before a potential crackdown happens.

This is an excellent one they did:

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You don't have to worry about me CTíng up the place. For years I was a mod on a Believer/Skeptic hybrid forum, and I saw the truther thing unfold before my eyes and the skeptics ask "but what about this?" and the logical progression ended in holographic planes and missles. LOL. I'm immune to the CT abyss. I just like to muse for a moment sometimes and let the unknowable go.

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While you're here I should warn you guys I have a freakish ability to spot folks I like on the internet at seemingly unrelated places. Unusual, unique ideas paired with a quirky sense of humor has NEVER, I mean NEVER failed me. But it only happens with people I like. People who have ideas that bother me and little humor all sound the same in my head.

Also, I was just having to explain a bit about Anonymous culture at one of my somewhere else places.

ALSO: profound revelation: I'm pretty sure the OWS hivemind and the leftie skeptic hivemind and the Anonymous hivemind are all functionally the same mind since OWS started gaining in popularity the month before #Sep17.
I'm an DIY meme epidemiologist when it comes to activism.
I couldn't see what was happening at the time, tho, because it was before the mass exodus of leftie skeptics from predominantly rightie skeptic turf.

Times, they are a changin'.