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I’m semi-retired here, but thought I’d post some random bits of info I’ve run across, in case others aren’t aware of them.

May (both May 1 – Occupy’s general strike - and Chicago NATO) appears to be heating up.
This has been reposted heavily:
Black Hurricane - MayDay 2012
As an aside - note the comments (probably by primitivist anarchists) extolling the Pol Pot regime.
e.g. "up the khmer vert! i would be glad to see more independent research and thinking on the betrayed Cambodian revolution among anarchists and nihilists. it's always struck me as the east asian movement closest to our ideals."
Other Chicago-May links of interest:
A bit of BB humor

NYC – May 1
Peter Camejo might have some valid points in this old essay:
This is another thing that these ultraleft-upside-down-liberals have: the panic button. Since they don’t see any countervailing force, they think at any moment the whole country could just go BANG! At any moment the ruling class can make a move to the right, and they don’t see any way to stop it, so they throw in the towel, they just panic. The ad says: “If you’re reading this — don’t kid yourself any longer. Big Brother is making his list. And you’re on it. Can we stop 1984? It’s 11:59 p.m. now. The clock is ticking loudly. What in hell are we going to do about it?”
A couple months ago, I was seeing mixed messages from the BB-anarchist community regarding NATO/G8, with some peeps advocating actions and others saying they were planning to stay away.
The picture was further confused because some peeps were apparently posting misdirection on public forums – i.e. saying that nothing would be happening in order to minimize police countermeasures. E.g.
This vangaurdist smoke screen
anon - Thu, 2012-01-19 10:59
This vangaurdist smoke screen strategy is fucking things up.
I know that this disinfo attempt is in response the oppression we caught in the last few mass mobilizations. While some people are presenting it as a sound strategy, I am starting to see negative results from it. I have talked to more than several people who accept this public @ face of disinfo as the real info. Not everyone is in a *wink wink* *nudge nudge* situation. Some people are being convinced to stay away. People who are spread out or new and can only get information from @news are taking this at face value. Momentum is being squashed. I am not advocating for an exclusive "make total" strategy, but people need to know that there will be support for whatever action they choose to take. Smashy or not. Let them decide what it is they want to do. let them gauge the oppressive response. There may be a lot of cool adaption to the state's predictable show of force. But if we continue squashing the potential with fear like this, otherwise beautiful acts may never materialize.
Less fear, more adaption. More empowerment”

Various agitprop videos have been trickling out. E.g.
Recent postings seem to be pointing more unambiguously to BB action for Chicago-NATO. A few months ago there were complaints that the Chicago anarchist/BB community was not organized enough (to serve as a nucleus for concerted action), but the level of organization seems to be growing, with new websites appearing in the last couple months (e.g. Chicago Commune), etc.
The following is essentially innocuous – a NV BB action from some people associated with Occupy DC.
The action was harmless kiddie BB/street theater (I even liked aspects of it in the vid), but the apparent spread/emulation of BB in any form is not great news IMO.
John Zerzan (one of the primary ideologues of black bloc; primitivist anarchist from Eugene; though he’s considered slightly passé these days) is coming to speak in Madison today. The event has been heavily promoted. I wasn’t thrilled to see that (BB has really been absent in Madison).
In CA, the roots of Occupy are in part from the OccupyCA student movement that started in 2009. An Occupation DIY guide was put out in 2009. The peeps who wrote that have now put out an updated version:
e.g. Vandalism? Occupying a space removes the space from the capitalist landscape. A group may decide it is better to destroy or vandalize a space than to return it to its usual role in good condition. The role of vandalism may be different in each situation, but it should not be disowned outright.

Some sporadic vandalism has been occurring in association with multiple Occupies, but is typically being disavowed by Occupy spokespeople.

There are also events such as yesterday's FtP march in NYC (window smashing, dumping garbage, tossing bottles, etc.; one OOer who was present even tweeted "These folks are making oo look like a bunch of hippies! so many bottles"). It appears that many/most of the peeps involved were OWS-associated anarchists, but the FtP march maintained separation in time and space from Occupy (and did not invoke the Occupy name).
So technically not Occupy-related.

Update: Poking around the twitterverse and other reports further, it seems to have pretty clearly been an autonomous OWS action (with ~150 people partipating at peak).
Also, some OWS peeps were discouraging discussion of the FtP on Twitter. e.g.
@mcompost Ever hear of the #digitaldivide? Ever think some DA isn't intended to be social media safe or even compatible? #justsaying #ftp
Of the three peeps arrested, at least two are long-term OWSers. One, Alexander Penley, has been a prominant OWS organizer (and frequent spokesperson/media source) since the beginning - and a black bloc advocate (e.g. his Occupii blog).

Update 2:
Article by Natasha "faulty fulcrum" Lennard.

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