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Randi Weingarten AFT Solidarity FAIL

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Open Letter To AFT President Randi Weingarten

“Thanks to Thursday’s (March 25) vote of the Washington Teachers Union, President George Parker and certain WTU Executive Board members will not support the April 10 march to the US Department of Education that has been organized by Steve Conn, a Detroit public schools teacher. The purpose of the march is to defend public education by taking a stand against the attacks on teachers; black, Latino, poor, working class and middle class students of all races; end privatization of public education; end separate and unequal schools; and restore Dr. King’s vision for America.

The reason I am posting this here, as opposed to my blog is because I think this is so indicative of veal pen labor leadersheep. This is why Versailles wins again and again and why the people lose; because all of our advocacy groups have been co-opted. (Well, all except NOW, which was recently taken back.)

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... I don't know why it folded... but I was choking on the Obama kool-aid pouring out of it at the end.

So much denial still about Obama's love of privitization re charter schools, etc.?

And this faith based abstinence only funding.. how creepy is this. $250 million. Sneaked into bill at eleventh hour. ACLU released it's existence quickly, though.