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Rally on Tuesday and the rest of Pennsylvania Single Payer News

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Rally For Single Payer Healthcare

Join single payer supporters from all over Pennsylvania in the Capitol Rotunda, 100 N. State St., Harrisburg. Supporting State (HB1660 / SB400) and National (HR676 / S703) Health Care Reform Efforts

Tuesday, October 20, 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Single Payer: Pennsylvania is America's Saskatchewan

HealthCare 4 All PA Opens Office on Murray Ave,

Huge Savings With PA Single Payer

The demonstrable savings to Pennsylvania taxpayers under the Family and Business Healthcare Security Act (SB 400/ HB 1660) continue to mount. With the release of data from Cambria, Lancaster and Montgomery counties $206,804,503 has been added to the savings under proposed single payer legislation. This brings the total with the release of 32 counties to $1,407,259,099 that Pennsylvania county governments, cities, municipalities, and school boards will save on what they are currently paying for employee health care costs. In Montgomery County alone, municipalities would save $123,392,589!

The biggest news in health care reform is happening in Pennsylvania and neither of the Dem Senate candidates or the big shot Philadelphia based bloggers can even acknowledge it. It is just breath taking.

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