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Raising Irresponsible Sons

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Christianist favorite Mike Huckabee, the "new savior" of the GOP, raised at least one kid who tortures animals for fun. Of course, Huckabee son David also "forgot" he had a Glock in his carryon -- the kind of thing that cost ex-Cowboys coach Barry Switzer a job, and would send anybody not in that income/elite class to jail.
The FBI's behavioral sciences protocol says animal-killing is a danger sign -- an early warning, as it were, of an incipient serial killer. We know Bush blew up frogs as a kid. We know Bush has killed uncounted numbers of Iraqis and Afghanis, along with quite literally thousands of American GIs and probably several hundred contractor-mercenaries by his policy decisions, not to mention blowing off the PDB that led to letting 2700 people be killed in the WTC towers on 11SEP01.
Let's not elevate Huckabee to President so that someday his son can pull a W on the nation, mmmkay?

Yes, I grew up in the country.
Yes, I know about shooting crippled horses or cattle. Yes, I regularly rail against lazy or incompetent "hunters" who don't track down wounded animals, causing the deer or other creatures they carelessly shot to suffer needlessly. Yes, I hunt(ed) and I fish, and I wear leather shoes and eat meat. So no, I am not blameless, if you are a vegan and a PETA member.
But I believe that we owe our children a better legacy than a planet without polar bears, whales, nightingales, bald eagles, kestrels, ospreys, monk seals, tigers, snow leopards, frogs, toads, and family-operated farms where the food grown is seasonal and the practices are safe and responsible rather than industrial and profit-driven.
If you want to look at it from the Christianist viewpoint, it's called being a good steward.
If you want to look at it as one of Jesus' real followers, it's called "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you."
If you want to look at it from a practical and non-religious view, it's called saving seed against future hardship -- waste not, want not. Mike Huckabee's kid's behavior, published in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, August 7 1998, doesn't meet any of those standards. And Huckabee's use of his position to claim charges of animal cruelty against the teens arose from political motivations -- both of whom were well above the age of accountability and one of whom should have been charged as an adult at 19 -- is nothing short of a coverup based on his own political seediness.
Other bloggers have mentioned this and others will continue to -- but for my money there's not a warm spitstain's worth of difference between Huckabee and Michael Vick, and Huckabee should be in jail.

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