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Rahm on the stress tests: We create our own reality


Emanuel, 49, a former congressman from Illinois, rejected criticism by some investors that the reviews are based on overly optimistic assumptions, saying they reflect “pretty strenuous economic conditions.”
“The stress test was developed as a way to have a demarcation that put that fear and confusion aside,” Emanuel said. “That will be the test of the stress test: whether it actually removes the fear and gives you a sense of clarity.”

Alrighty then. "A sense of clarity." Roll that one on the tongue. Let me translate:

Clap harder.

And let me translate that:

The fix is in.

All that will remain to be done, once the banksters have been given a clean bill of health, will be to determine how many more trillions they need during the "clean up" phase of the operation, which will last until just after, oh, November 2010. I would say.

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Submitted by Damon on

This is quite profound a statement. He's essentially saying that if we can see clearly what's going on, we shouldn't be scared. We know that the exact opposite is true, unless, like you said Lambert, the fix is is. Real clarity would be quite frightening, necessarily frightening, in fact, because then we'd know what to do.

These stress tests are a complete joke and insult to our intelligence. Every time they are brought up brings up the fact that if we'd simply nationalized from the beginning, we wouldn't halve all of this engineered confusion and obfuscation.

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, Rahm is a habitual headache and a constant middle finger.

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Submitted by Damon on

As far as I can tell, now, Rahm was picked to guard Obama from criticism...from the left. In fact, much of Obama's team seems to have been picked to guard his left flank, and they quite enjoy it. Gibbs seems to be a perfect example of this. Sure, they'll deflect some of the stuff that comes from the right, too, but they seem to find a particular joy in needling their base.

Submitted by lambert on

... is the left? That wasn't true even for Donna Brazile and all reconfigured the Party, and it's certainly not true now.