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David Graeber:

"We obviously are never going to defeat the 101st airborne division on the streets," said anthropologist and anarchist David Graeber, addressing that general assembly. "Where we win is when we are able to convince the 101st airborne division not to shoot us."

Hey, I've got an idea!

Throw a bottle at 'em!

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Submitted by tom allen on

With a message in it? Like, "Please, don't shoot at us." It would work for the Beatles. :-P

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Submitted by Rangoon78 on

What's the difference between the "shoot first and ask questions later" LAPD and the 101st Airborne?

Helicopters Buzzing Downtown Part of Joint Military Exercises Supported by LAPD - Los Angeles News - The Informer

This is only a test.

The "joint military training exercises" being supported by our fine po-pos are being staged, in part, "to ensure the military's ability to operate in urban environments," according to an LAPD statement.
(ans: the 101st never ask questions)

Submitted by lambert on

Thanks for the update. Also, too, drones.

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Submitted by tom allen on

Is it a video game yet?

Ironically (if kids knew what that meant *yells at Alanis Morisette*) this means the younger generation realizes that the good guy/bad guy Christian/Muslim dichotomy is largely fake. It's more the decent person/asshole dichotomy that matters. I think they get that. Sort of. Don't know if that will save us in time, though.

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Does the Black Bloc intend to fight the US military? If not, who do they intend to fight? And how does smashing the property of small business owners- many of whom are part of the 99%- further that goal?