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Quick Thought

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I'm thinking of starting a national movement in which we dress up in Revolutionary-era garb and tar-and-feather effigies of Bush Administration officials, since you know Franklin wouldn't have thought twice about giving that pompous gaggle of psychotics and halfwits the real thing (which, needless to say, they all so richly deserve) out in the town square. And, yes, I feel the Bushies actually deserve far harsher punishments, but that's for the Hague to decide.

It's surreal enough to draw attention, innocuous enough to keep me out of Gitmo (although the Powers That Be may crush my dreams of getting into dental school,) and would coincide perfectly with the Rip Van Winkle media's recent coverage of Dick Cheney's Double-Ply Constitution.*

At least, I think so. Readers?

*Yes, he uses two Constitutions to wipe his ass.**

**Sweet dreams.

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