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Quick thanks to Corrente

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A quick note of thanks to lambert for keeping the Columbus thread at the top of the site all day yesterday, putting the Twitter feed on the side and publishing the photos I sent when I couldn't get a web connection on my cell phone.

On the way home last night I did my daily blog crawl and Corrente gave it by far the most play. I understand we were competing for attention with Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida (and of course Libya!) but even taking that into account I thought it didn't get the coverage it deserved from many usually friendly sources. It really meant a lot to see it displayed so prominently here.

Thanks, lambert.

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Submitted by lambert on

.... is the next front after WI (as it surely is in the minds of the Rs, since they set up the plays at the National Republican Governor's Association) and so it's terrific that we were able to bring a report from the ground. Also, you were the one who went to the trouble, and so we should support you.

What I wish is that we had other reporting from IN and now (???) FL, we could give the same play to those who can tweet from their cells. I don't know whether SMS can do this, but it's hard to imagine it can't....

NOTE My skepticism on tweeting vanishes when I can trust the sourcing, which is why the curated tweets at AJ and the Guardian, among others, are so important.

Submitted by wlarip on

are already crawfishing on their more draconian musings.

But if protests materialize, I might be able to help you with that.

Always better to have a tech savy tweeter(which would not be me) but in the kingdom of the blind...

My cell phone is pay-as-you-go so a heads-up to get a non-20 cents a txt plan would be helpful.

Submitted by hipparchia on

as a floridian myself, i would very much like to see whatever tweet-reporting, tech-savvy or not, that you could do.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

having photos and reports from the ground was great!